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Where We Design, Build and Service Infrastructures that are Innovative, Healthy and Cost-Effective.

Synergize your business with IT solutions that help you achieve growth and results. With Synergy , you get only the best.



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Looking for a custom software or mobile solution? With over a decade of software development experience, we will work with you to create solutions that can help you achieve your goals.Looking for a custom software or mobile.

We Provide

Operational IT Support

It’s more than just maintaining IT hardware and infrastructures, as it is also about providing you with the ample IT support so that you are able to embrace technology easily.

Disaster Recovery

A loss of data can be costly for your business, which is why we have made it our business to prevent that. From data recovery to replication, onsite or offsite solutions; you name it, we got it.

Risk Management

Our Risk Management is a preventive solution that looks at your IT environment to keep it secure from security risks. Let us handle this for you

Technology Management

Great IT support demands sound technology management. We keep track of your IT assets to ensure your hardware and software are up to date and accounted for.

Project Management & Collaboration

Our aim is to get you the right tools at the right price without compromising on quality. We tailor our services to your company’s unique IT needs, saving costs and downtime for you.

IT Audit Services

Nobody can predict the future, so great IT auditing hinges on addressing unprecedented circumstances

VOIP Services

Experience seamless & encrypted connectivity integrated into your business communication tools with our VOIP services. You will love the awesome features like instant calls, file sharing, and collaborative work.



Site Filtering
& Blocking
User Monitoring
/ Directory
CG Computer Render Farm Server
CG Network Enterprise Getaway Devices
CG Compute Virtualiser Server
Phone Support
Office Support
Email Helpdesk
Proactive Onsite Support
Reactive Onsite
Software Asset
Hardware Asset Management
Enterprise Cloud Email Hosting
Domain Hosting
Web Hosting
(CMS Sites)
Proactive Recommendations
Asset Tracking & Project Status
Ticketing & Issue Tracking

About Us

Who We Are, and What We Stand For.

Synergy Office Solutions

At its heart, IT service is about serving people and businesses.


Synergy began with the simple faith onto serving people who use technology, and this belief in heartfelt service has brought to many happy clients, innovative, efficient and cost-effective IT solutions.


Today, Synergy is a market leading consultancy specializing in IT concierge ranging from Hardware, Software, Server to ICT Services and Solutions. Synergy will always strive to grow together with you, and for you, we will always find a better to work.


Good rapport builds good businesses, Synergy believes strongly in delivering holistic and effective IT support to all our clients.


We are an organisation which invests extensive energy and resources into understanding our clients business, culture and landscape before providing a solutions, for we treat our clients as partners, scaling our growth hand-in-hand.

Prompt Support


We understand the urgency of your businesses and the role technology plays today. By providing prompt support, we strive to ease and resolve re-actively to any issues you may face. Connect with our team via a remote desktop, phone and chat support, or arrange an onsite visit to your office within the same day.

Business Of Trust


We believe in long-term working relationship. We value our clients and like you, we dislike complicated binding contracts that tie terms to every services. We therefore tailor every service and solutions just to your requirement, afterall you are special.

Dedicated Team


We go the distance to blend in our personal touches in all our services, always improving ourselves with the latest technology and practices. Promising a world class customer service together with consistent reliability on our solutions. 

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